Anita Murray

Managing Director, Reiki Master

I offer Reiki individual or group healing along with training, from level one and Life Coaching both individual and group sessions bother are available online or in person, All are offered online or in person. Short questionnaire or telephone appt for goal setting.

I am a practitioner in Metamorphic Technique and am currently repeating my teacher training. In person sessions available. No case study required and no notes.

Following the diagnosis of my father with multiple sclerosis (MS), an illness with no known cause or cure, I became interested in alternative therapies . I witnessed my father trying spiritual healing and even visiting Lourdes, whilst still a small child myself. My family often mentioned an awareness of deceased relatives being around and I was fascinated by the books by Doris Stokes, exploring and explaining psychic methods to look into the past.

I encourage everyone to look within and start to act out a life that you would like to live, be the person to others that you wish them to be towards you, but never at the sacrifice of what you truly need.


I first got introduced to Reiki whilst completing my final year at University, having struggled to sleep for several weeks, due to exam pressure. My friend had just been initiated and offered me a session, despite the whale noise CD I managed to relax and slept the whole of that night. I had often been told by palm readers and tarot readers that I was a healer, but didn't know how to "activate" this healing ability so I wondered if Reiki would work for me.

I decided to go for a Reiki attunement, as it was explained that my crown centre would open to universal life force energy to flow through my crown to my hands. I knew nothing at the time about chakras, meridians, subtle energy bodies, but it felt like the right timing.

In 1999 I received my first - master level attunements, following which I initiated my sister, brother and cousin. I joined Reiki share groups and attended several mind body and spirit exhibitions and helped out on the Reiki stands. I had studied further levels and had attunements from other Reiki Masters and in 2007 I was attuned to Karuna Grecian Reiki with Allan Sweeney and to Reyad Sekh Em with Joanna Bristow-Watkins in Egypt in 2008 and both Practioner and Teacher status in Karuna and Angelic Reiki with Jacqueline Mary Piper.

Metamorphic Technique

In 2001 I learned the Metamorphic Technique, following the recommendation from my mum and a 20 minute taster session at an exhibition. I learnt directly from Gaston Saint Pierre, who developed the technique and in Summer 2008 I completed the Teacher training.

Enlightenment Network

The Enlightenment network began as a meetup group in early 2008, promoting events for self improvement for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and to increase awareness of the spiritual. Offering regular weekly sessions and workshops, this network is open for anyone who wishes to attend or run groups relating to personal development.

Inner Peace Movement (IPM)

In January 2008 I met Melissa Kitto, who was running a lecture and workshop associated with the Inner Peace movement program. I learnt that we are all psychic and have an order to our spiritual gifts, mine is Feeling, Vision, Intuition and Prophecy. Founded by Francisco Coll, he developed many techniques to expand our awareness and inner guidance so I joined a development group. I have since had training and now I run introductory lectures, groups and can give profiles.

Life Coaching

Since 2008 I have attended over 300 hours of training and retreats and I became a supervisor in 2011 and trained other coaches online and in person. I now offer coaching both in person and online and I run heart intelligence events in Preston and London.

Heart Circles

I met Tej Steiner in 2012 and studied Heart Circles with him in 2015 and now incorporate his teachings into my coaching work

Art of Feminine Presence

I met Racheal Jayne Groover at a Heart IQ Heart Summit, back in 2012 and became a Level 1 Art of Feminine Presence teacher in 2014.

Card readings

I have been interested in oracle cards since 2005 when I bought my first deck. I have studied with Doreen Virtue at the 2012 You can do it conference and have been doing readings every since. I use a mixture of cards from Doreen Virtues own cards but also Angela McGerr and Diana Cooper to name just a few.

Usui Reiki

I first studied my Level 1 to Masters level Usui Reiki in 1999 and many times since with different teachers.  I have just redone my Usui Master with Jacqueline Mary Piper. I offer both online and in person sessions along with training from level one to teacher training

Karuna Reiki

I initially studied Karuna Grecian Reiki with Allan Sweeney over ten years ago and just completed an upgraded Level 1 - Karuna Masters last year with Jacqueline Mary Piper. I offer both online and in person sessions along with training from level one

Egyptian Reiki - Reyad Sekh Em

I first studied Reyad Sekh Em over ten years ago in Egypt - having my attunements in temples and overlooking  the pyramids in Cairo.  I am currently repeating Level 1 - I offer sessions and I am currently offering online or in person Violet Flame Sessions.

Angelic Reiki

I studied Level 1-3 Angelic Reiki last year, 2020, studying with Jacqueline Mary Piper I offer online or in person sessions and training from level one

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